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Certified Mental Health Practitioner

1st BA (Hons) Humanistic Counselling

MSc Psychology

Certified Life Coach 

Mindfulness (Dip)


It was over 10 years ago that I started my Wellbeing Journey when at 23, I stumbled onto a Humanistic Counselling Degree at The University of Nottingham... and when I say stumbled, I mean quite literally stumbled onto the course.

I went into my counselling degree, thinking it'd be a nice little walk through the park.
I couldn’t have been more wrong.
The first year broke me to the point of deferral.
Up until this point in my life, for one reason & another, I'd been living behind a fortress of coping mechanisms.
But within that fortress lay a pretty broken & vulnerable child.
Therapy, theory & process groups taught me how to forgive & accept.
I became empowered by the realisation that ultimately, it’s down to my decisions, not my conditions that will determine which outcomes I get from Life.

Really, these years have been about finding a balance in life, the restructure of my attachment style & growing towards being the most authentic Self that I can be.

I’ve made some good decisions which were liberating; and I made bad ones, guided by hedonism. But what I learnt from every decision that was mine to make is this;
Good decisions brought about new experiences, and Good-experience was gained from the bad ones.

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