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Wellbeing Warriors

Updated: May 29, 2021

Wellbeing is our individual, Subjective experience of life.

It’s defined as;

“a person’s cognitive, and evaluations of, his or her life”

Meaning, that our Wellbeing is directly related to the quality of our thoughts, actions & beliefs. Therefore, Wellbeing is about how we function and feel in the world and it directly affects our Quality &Experience of Life.

Physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically, we are innately driven to keep "levelling-up" in life. When we loose the capacity to move forward, we feel stuck and unfulfilled.

Ultimately, it's the inner-thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that we hold, that influence our actions and behaviours in the world.

There're a multitude of reasons for why people stop growing, but it's usually a feeling of being "stuck"and/or unfulfilled that brings people to Wellbeing Coaches.

Sticking with the plant analogy, people don't grow well in stagnant conditions and it's my job to help you assess your conditions for growth and help revitalise Life.

A Wellbeing Coach works a little like a Personal Trainer... but for the mind!

Clients seek out support with a goal in mind; relationship ideals, work/life balance, dissatisfaction with their current situation. Together, we explore Your options and implement change.

My role is to guide you through a programme which strengthens your overall Wellbeing, by cultivating Self-Awareness and diligence so that you are equipped to maintain growth past the Coaching.

Three ingredients are needed to create an environment which fosters Human Growth;

Acceptance- value for who & how you are, without judgement. Genuineness- Authentic communication & real expression of thought & feeling. Empathy- A willingness to understand & reflect from your perspective. (Roger's "Core Conditions", 1986)

I provide you with these conditions within a mindful space, where you're able to consider & explore Your individual Happiness & Wellbeing Needs.

This is a Space for introspection & brainstorming so that we are able to set attainable goals that will support a Happier & Healthier Lifestyle

Plans are tailored to suit your individual needs and processes, so I encourage you to get in touch to discuss your goals and the ways in which coaching can help you reach them. All consultations are free, so all you need to invest, is a little time and wonder into Yourself ✌🏽😊

To See What The Balance in Your Life Looks Like, Request You Free Wellbeing Assessment HERE

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