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Helping People Live Better Lives

A Person-Centred Therapist since 2014, I’m deeply committed to supporting the well-being of all my clients.
Together, we will explore ways to improve relationships and to achieve your life’s full-potential.

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I think of people very much like how I think of plants;
With roots, the right environment & the correct conditions- people flourish.

A registered member of the BACP and NCS accredited counsellor, I work with a range of ages specialising in supporting those with Eating-Disorders.

I work with a Humanistic approach to help people better accept, regulate, understand, and express their emotions.

With respect for autonomy & free will, I offer a safe space to work towards Personal Growth.

Each person has their own, unique way of looking at the world which impacts the choices and actions we take. I’m here to help you better understand your worldview so that you’re able to make the right choices for yourself.

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